KJC Edits

The following are testimonials by authors I have edited, in their own words:

Kelly is my all time favorite editor. No report or publication is allowed out of our office without a “Kelly check.”
– Patricia B. Campbell, PhD, www.campbell-kibler.com and www.FairerScience.org
Kelly was great to work with. She worked with me and never changed my work arbitrarily. She helped me be true to the intentions of my work while still helping me to be cleaner and leaner. She is full of ideas and is excellent at giving constructive criticism.
– Ericka A. Crouse
It was my pleasure to work with Kelly J. Cooper during an early period in my career. Her seemingly boundless patience and thorough but humble efforts helped me develop a set of essays which I eventually rewrote as my first published book. I wish I'd had her help in the rewriting phase, too!
– T Campbell
While many might fear their editor's comments, I've always been excited to get Kelly's opinions. Her advice always strives to make my writing better, and it has.
– Neil Cohn, www.emaki.net
When editing my work Kelly made me feel she was extremely open to discussion over anything I disagreed with or didn't understand.
– John Lynch
I've had the pleasure of witnessing Kelly's skills grow and mature first-hand – from a capable writer with raw talent, to a professional-grade editor with communications skills far superior to other editors who have worked for/with me. Kelly has a nifty nose for style and a natural knack for drawing out the best in any given writer's voice.
– Frank J. Cormier